Fashion in Benin 

What Does It Mean?

 Beninese people love to be fashionable. One can immediately witness the variety of fashion styles and vibrant African prints when looking around. In Benin, your clothing attire is a representation of who you are or in some case,  who you aspire to be. You must look good and dress well. Even though westernized clothing can be seen on locals, they usually tend to be mixed with an African Print or motifs.

For eample, a man can be seen wearing a pair of jeans with an African Printed shirt or a woman can wear a T-shirt that has been embroidered with African prints or accessories. In some cases, Westernized design will be replicated using only African Prints. It’s a huge contrast as the African Print Fabrics are bold in colors where as regular fabrics used to tailor a western design are very neutral in color tone. So in some cases, you can see a full man suit made using traditional menswear pattern but tailored using an African printed cloth.

Meet Olowou Print

The Most Authentic 100 Percent Beninese Fashion Brand

There are many fashion designers that are emerging in Benin. However, there is one in particular whose fame and sucess has made it to an international level quite quickly. The brand name is Olowou Print. Olowou Print is a local fashion brand created by a Beninese buisiness woman, Salmata Yèmi Akobi. Ms. Akobi started the brand making women clothing by using local handmade fabrics and adorning her designs with custom handcrafted accesories made with iron, cooper, wood and recyclable materials. Olowou brand philosophy is to promote local upscale fashion by solely adopting everything and everyone from the Benin. Therefore, the cotton used is grown, hand processed and dyed by men and women in Benin. She designs the patterns of her collections but, with the help of local talents, her designs come to fruition. To ensure quality and perfection, designer Ms. Akobi self-inspects each item made. She takes pride in her line and wants each piece made to be and look the best possible way. There is no room for error in the her mind. Everything must be impeccable.